Mariyam 🇻🇪

Mariyam is very positive and is always a pleasure to be around. She loves the social aspect of language exchange and is often keen on staying for a few beers afterwards, actually often it’s wine as she helped found the first club for sparkling wine lovers in Switzerland!



Madelaine 🇨🇦 (from Quebec)

Leads the way at Language Exchange Bern.  She always wears a smile and gives a warm welcome to all. On top of that she’s an experienced French teacher. Please contact us if you would like her to teach you French.

Ian 🇨🇱

Ian is chilean by name and chilling by nature! 😀 He has been a big help for us almost since day 1. He’s always up for a beer and a decent chat.



Raquel 🇪🇸





Raquel is a ball of energy and helps so much to keep everyone in such good form. She LOVES teaching Spanish. Please contact us if you would like her to teach you Spanish.



Dáire ‘Dara’ 🇮🇪

Had the original idea to set up Language Exchange Switzerland. He’s passionate about changing the way we learn languages and can also teach English. Please contact us if you would like him to teach you English.

Eva 🇨🇭

Is the one who brings structure to language exchange. You might have guessed she’s the Swiss one in the bunch. She often helps out at Language Exchange Biel but does a lot of behind the scenes work too.